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The Very Kind Nipun And Friends

--by DANCE, posted Feb 8, 2016
I would like to briefly share with you a beautiful and enriching experience I had recently in London. I spent a weekend in the company of kind, generous, caring, and loving people from all parts of the world. It started with a day of mindfulness, sharing and meditation with the 'Heart of London Sangha and Wake Up' group and it ended with a whole day of all these and much more LOVE from Nipun Mehta, Satish Kumar, and many friends. 

I can't tell you how touched and deeply grateful I am. As I’m sure you all know Nipun has started a kindness movement which is spreading all over the world; 'small acts with great love' are carried out by those who want to 'be the change’; 'Change Yourself, Change the World'...AND Satish-ji is a great example of commitment and compassion for all. He told us many a story of his over 2-year's journey walking around the world with the sole purpose of bringing peace. 

Good lessons on love and trust... I am so deeply INSPIRED that I do wish to do something to support all this work. After talking much with Nipun and friends about the possible ways in which I could be of help, 'be the change' and be part of the change, I have decided that as soon as I organize my priorities this year I'll be organizing one of this beautiful Awaking Circles myself. 

I will seek the advice of those kind members of the community who have been doing it for a while in England and I will humbly offer my time and space to share with others around me. I hope you'll join me on this journey. I look forward to it with all my heart!
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sonrisa wrote: How lovely to hear all of this! It was a joy to meet you at the retreat in london and such a beautiful gift you plan to offer to your community by hosting an awakin circle some time this year :) do let us know any ways we can be of service to help you get started! Lots of love from london :)
terre wrote: This sounds like something that has really called you! Have fun with it!
savraj wrote: Good job for spreading the kindness!!!!
splain wrote: This incredible circle of care and love is going out into massive ripples and touching places all over the world.
mindyjourney wrote: So glad you have found such inspiration to begin your own Awakin Circle, my friend <3. Is an amazing kinder world we are creating :))
heartofflesh wrote: Heard about Nipun a lot !
kjoyw wrote: Sounds like a wonderful, life-enriching experience? So glad for you!
AndiCas wrote: It really does sound wonderful.

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