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Smile Cards On The Move!

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Feb 17, 2016
Yesterday I was doing a presentation about my business to a group of 25 or so. We typically share some personal stories as well as business. At the end I told them about Smile Cards and how they were something anyone could use. I had brought a stack of 100 or so and passed them around so everyone could take a few. They loved them! There were no extras so a woman came up to me afterwards asking how she could get some more. I told her I would bring her a big stack next week.  

It was great! The best part for me was after they were going around another woman in the group shared how she had received some from me a few months ago and how she and her two kids loved using them. I loved hearing that and was happy to see how much it meant to her. The ripples of kindness go farther than we often know! :)
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sandyremillar wrote: beautiful!!!!
AndiCas wrote: That's brilliant, hearing how they've made a difference to someone.
Marleen wrote: WOOHOO!! Awesome!!
heartofflesh wrote: You are wonderful !
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful,of you to include Smile Cards in your presentation!
mindyjourney wrote: Yay for those SMILE cards, my friend :)))))). So many ripples and so many smiles! Thank you!
splain wrote: Those cards are powerful and simple
terre wrote: Hooray for moving those Smile Cards!
savraj wrote: This is fantastic!
Rippleffect wrote: I do love the Ripple Effect ;) I give presentations as well and will take smile cards! THanks for the great idea!

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