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--by brindlegirl, posted
Was gifted with a pair of angel wings and loving note today by a friend. I stuck them onto my purse where I can see and be reminded of them daily.

We are all angels. Each and everyone one of us without us even realizing. What we do, what we say, who we touch, and even the little gestures and things like smiling at those we don't know. It all matters. It all touches. We are all angels.

Grateful I am today to be appreciated by a work colleague. But mostly I am grateful for the reminder of how much I can impact anothers life. How much we all can ♡

Readers Comments

savraj wrote: So kind of your friend to show her appreciation for you. You are both angels!
Marleen wrote: NICE!! love that idea of the wings too!
mish wrote: I have been called many things , but angel is my favorite :)))
splain wrote: That gift and letter would have made your day you gorgeous angel.
terre wrote: What a magnificent gift of appreciation! And more wings for the angel that you are! You so deserve this, brindlegirl!
leoladyc728 wrote: wear those wings proudly.

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