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Blessings At The Checkout

--by KiwiCat, posted Feb 12, 2016
I had a bad start to my morning. My husband kept me awake, and kept waking through the night. We are planning to go to our beach house tomorrow, but my poor husband has got shingles and is rather unwell. He's off to the dr this afternoon :-(

I was grumpy and racing around trying to get a whole load of errands done before we pack to go. Next to me at the checkout was an elderly man having difficulty with his bank card, and it kept declining. The checkout assistant asked him if it was the correct account etc and he said he thought he had $70 in his account. I paid for my few groceries and stepped up and offered to pay without knowing how much it was. 
 Honestly, part of me wanted to look at what he had bought to see if I was 'wasting' my money, but then a bigger thought popped in, "be big and give freely". He said that he couldn't accept my offer, and I said that I would like to do it, and then he accepted and said he would pay me back if I gave him my name and address. The checkout assistant put the transaction through again and I paid. The thing is, that I've been very careful with my money as I don't actually have a job any more,  but I felt I needed to bless this man. He thanked me again, I said that if he could then to pass the kindness spirit on and do something kind for someone else and I didn't need to be paid back.

He said "Oh, I do that all the time, I'm a retired Catholic priest"  I laughed, and said "well, then, God must have sent me today to bless you" and we had a hug at the checkout, and off I went, my grumpy mood... GONE! (the funny thing is that when I got to my Mum's, I 
realized I'd forgotten the thing I went to the supermarket for, and she had it and was then able to give it to me!!)

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horsegirl21 wrote: what a lovely act, very kind indeed:))
mindyjourney wrote: amazing how the blessings of the Universe works, my friend :)))). Well done and feel better for husband soon!
Brindlegirl wrote: You are amazing. A gift to this earth and to us all. You inspire me xox
savraj wrote: Beautiful story! Thankyou for being so kind.
splain wrote: Isn't it just astonishing how that happens. It is like a path we are on and all of us bump into people who we don't know but are the same. All giving kindness, receiving kindness, and the circle goes round
Marleen wrote: Awesome how intricate this all works, when we work with the flow, right?!
terre wrote: This is funny, in a very good way. I hope your husband is feeling better. Shingles is no fun at all.
pluto178 wrote: You were in a beautiful spot to create kindness and for a priest the sun will shine on you for the rest of the week lol x
mish wrote: I am smiling from this :))))))))). Hugs x

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