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Note to self-- how to get my kindness mojo back.

--by brindlegirl, posted Feb 26, 2016
I feel like I've lost my mojo. The past few weeks have been interesting for me. That spark, although there I am sure has been hard to access.

Yet I keep reminding myself that these are the days we are to love more. Be more kind. Tests to just how serious we are!

Yes it's easy to be kind and do nice things when our moods are good and happy. But when they are not, that is a true test of our faith and love.

Today and forever how long I'm swimming in this sea of whatever it is, I choose love and I choose to be kind regardless and no matter how hard it is to do so!

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ChristineAZ wrote: We've all been there and i agree with you, we can't just be kind when we are in a good mood. Just like we can't be kind to people that are only in a good mood. It's the ones that are having a bad day that need it the most.
KMalyn wrote: I too feel like i have lost my mojo. I agree that it is so easy to help others when our moods are happy. But i also choose to be kind regardless. I choose to be kind and love others. I need to be in a better habit of helping others and as i get back in the habit then i know it will help me to feel better and i will have my mojo back.
Rippleffect wrote: The thing is when you do something kind when you are not feeling quite is the antidote to feeling blue. SO ...keep up the kindness..consider your butt kicked! (that was hard to do! Hoping you get your mojo back ASAP!)
mish wrote: This too shall pass, my love. Stay centered in your light.
seamar67 wrote: Your mojo shows in posting this. Your mojo lifts its head. Not lost, it is still with you but curled up at your feet, resting. Keep swimming. The lull of the water, the rhythm of your strokes are rejuvenating that magical mojo that is unique to you.
lt33 wrote: Yes I agree with you when our mood is up & were feeling on top of the world we want to make others feel happy too so it is easier to be nice to others & when were feeling sad or just not in a good mood or having a bad day sometimes its almost the last thing we want to do is do something great for someone else believe me I get it when I have to deal with a difficult customer that's the last thing I want to do is be nice to her/ back I mean wow all their doing is yelling I just want to yell back but I don't I just try to help & yes its my job but I try to put myself in their shoes & pray for them makes it easier then.
splain wrote: I think it is hard to deal with these sort of days. They are difficult and it does feel the pits.I still find being able to talk to someone, helps me. The good thing is , it does go. Just look after yourself and be kind to you.
KindMyst wrote: No butt kicking Brindlegirl. Your mojo is on vacation for now heard is a HUGE hug from me.
mindyjourney wrote: you need some mojo ramping?? mish is great to help me when need to ramp up for yoga teach :)). keep being kind and loving and open to the new's on it's way! :)))) Have faith, my friend <3.
savraj wrote: Hang in there. You are a beautiful, kind and loving person. Im sure that wonderful light of yours will bring your mojo back soon! 😃

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