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Being Kind is always a WIN-WIN situation

--by brindlegirl, posted Mar 14, 2016
Whilst at work today a man was selling raffle tickets. He approached a staff member and I and asked if we wanted to buy some. My friend bought one, and I too wanted to help support his cause (he was raising money for sporting club) but wasn't keen on prize. The prize was a trip away to somewhere I'm actually going next month.

I really wanted to help support him and contribute so I told the man I'd buy two tickets and gave him the money. As my friend was filling in his details on his ticket, told him to fill out two more in his name. I'd bought them for him. So now he has bonus tickets. I really do so hope he wins!

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carolec wrote: Lovely gesture , quick thoughtfulness.
marylittle wrote: Terrific idea and an embodiment of kindness ripple, love it!
terre wrote: Hope your friend wins the trip! Thanks for increasing his chances!
pluto178 wrote: I never enter a competition unless I actually want the prize I would hate to win and not be appreciative.......this is a good way around that x
splain wrote: Now that was great. Hope he wins
mindyjourney wrote: Fingers crossed that friend wins...but then again, he already won your dear kindness :))
Mish wrote: Cool!
Rippleffect wrote: Good luck to your friend! Great way to support a cause but not necessarily need anything in return. Perfect giving! XO
savraj wrote: So nice of you!
AndiCas wrote: Everybody wins, even if he doesn't win!

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