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Listening to the little voice within

--by brindlegirl, posted Feb 14, 2016
A friend's mother recently told me how she has been going through some hard times lately. She knows I practice a feminine yoga called "tigress" and often asks about it. I told her about an upcoming trial taster class. She told me that if finances permit, she would attend.

So tonight as I was thinking about her and about Tigress yoga, I heard a voice in my head say, "Pay for her Nicole." And so I did!  

I told her I would love to pay for her class and asked her if it were ok. To which she instantly replied, "Yes!" I love a woman who can so easily and graciously receive as I was nervous asking because I don't know her too well.  
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monica321 wrote: Thank you for your kindnees
spurginhussey wrote: Brilliant story - that tigress yoga must be good stuff!
AK wrote: My heart became so warm reading this! Thank you for posting.
kjoyw wrote: Lovely kindness! Lovely image!
terre wrote: How lovely that she will be going to the yoga taster class, with you I'm thinking... Great graphic here; I think it is of you, my dear.
melnotes wrote: What a wonderful gift you gave her, Im sure she will very much enjoy it :)
brad2 wrote: you got your mojo back, that's good.
kat94 wrote: Got that mojo jojo back :D
Rippleffect wrote: Glad you've got your mojo back...Seems to have returned because of your generous spirit..Love the sound of tigress yoga..Mindy's post made me think of Katy Perry's Roar song! xo
mindyjourney wrote: tigress of kindnees, dear brindle :))), that's you! Many thanks for your kind and giving heart...ROAR!!!

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