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Winter Fun

--by alisamom, posted
Since it's probably our only chance to enjoy the snow this winter, I dragged my kid out to go sledding on the hill behind our house today; we laughed so hard and so much fun! I thanked her for being an awesome 15-year old that still goes sledding with her mom. :)

Readers Comments

Mish wrote: Fun!!!!!!!!!
coastalliving92 wrote: Nice :)
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful bond. And together you made a lovely memory!
mindyjourney wrote: Yay!!! so glad you enjoyed the snow fun with daughter, my friend :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like so much fun. I got a picture of one my students today sledding and having a ball.
terre wrote: What fun! So glad you had this bonding experience with your daughter, too.
splain wrote: When you play in the snow , you just go back to being a kid. The love of fun
melnotes wrote: Lol, sounds like fun!

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