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Finally, This Was My Moment

--by brindlegirl, posted Feb 21, 2016
Below is my story which I shared on Facebook about my act of kindness yesterday. Many of you have done this often. Yet I've never had the opportunity until yesterday. 

Yesterday I was finally able to do act of kindness I have always wanted to do. This isn't an everyday ordinary kindness that you can just 'do'. It sorts of just happens. If your open to it ....

After my visit with Olga yesterday I needed to pop into the supermarket quickly on my way home to grab a few things. So there I was, in the 15 items or less line, waiting to be served when I noticed a young lady in front of me. 

She was quite young and had a toddler with her in a stroller. She was really struggling with and juggling her items, which is probably what drew my attention to her. So I stared, as I do (For those that don't know me personally. This is a not so nice habit of mine. I'm so nosy)!

So there I am staring, and I watch as the checkout lady tells her the total. She begins to fumble around with her purse. She then looks up and her face is almost white. Intuitively I knew what was wrong. She was short.

She kept fumbling with and searching her purse. As her total came to $8.80 I assumed she was short on the change. So I open my purse and reach in and grab a few of my own coins and say ...

"How much do you need honey"?

She looks at me blankly and says...

"Like all of it".

This was my moment.

Without even hesitating and returning my own coin back into my purse. I tell the checkout girl to add it to my total, and continue scanning my items adding them to hers.

The girl could barely speak.

She told me she had $10 in her purse but had no idea what happened to it. I told the girl it was no accident today that of all the checkouts I could have lined up at, that I ended up at this one, right behind her.

I wished her a happy Australia day, paid for the total, and got out of there quickly. I was so embarrassed.

You see I'm still getting use to all this. I've been doing things like this for years but it's only lately that I've had the confidence to do them more publicly.  

The girl never did thank me. Or even so much as look back. She walked away still digging through her bag looking for what I presume was her lost $10 note.   

Yet it doesn't matter. At all. What I love most about all this is that the checkout girl saw, along with the five or so other people cued up behind me. What I hope is that they share what they saw. So that someday, somewhere, perhaps they or the people they tell, may too be inspired to do the same.  

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Readers Comments

ImL8 wrote: That was kind. I hope some of the people who witnessed this will feel moved to do a similar kindness.
DC wrote: Awesome, totally awesome! Keep it up, the ripple affect does work!
Ravanasura wrote: You did a very good job, the lady has not told thanks not to worry but the other people who saw you hope they will follow the same and help others in need.

And one thing i need to tell you, be careful with whom you help all are not nice people some may use your kindness for there usefulness.

May god bless you be happy spread happiness!
RoseMarie wrote: So kind and generous of you brindlegirl. I
Think the young lady will be embarrassed when she realises she was still confused as to the whereabouts of her own money that she forgot to thank you. You have a big big heart. X 💓 rose-marie
Willy wrote: Made me cry :)
the3jewels wrote: Lovely story; the other persons response isn't as important as your kind. Gesture.
Mish wrote: That was beautiful, Brindle. Big hugs for you x
lt33 wrote: What a great thing u did for this lady she might have felt embarrassed & that's why she didn't say anything but I'm saying thank u my friend for stepping out of your comfort zone u are sending out good karma people noticed in the store & that u will receive back
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful kindness. And you are so right! It matters not that she thanked you. Possibly she was embarrassed, too. What matters is that you did what you did and helped this woman and that several people saw what tou did. Well done!
KindMyst wrote: Way yo go Brindlegirl. You captured the moment.

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