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An Unexpected Connection

--by Ladybird1, posted Feb 14, 2016
A few days ago, I had forgotten where I'd parked my bike. As I stood at the spot I'd initially wanted to park it, which was empty, I thought, "Oh no! It's been stolen!"  After a moment of panic, it dawned on me that it was actually around the corner. Laughing with relief, I began to unlock it just as an elderly man passed by slowly with his walker.  I wouldn't have talked to him normally,  but my gratitude for my bike prompted a lovely, spontaneous exchange.  
I think he was a bit lonely, as he told me he was 81 and had to stop driving for a while due to a fall.   His wife of many years was in a home and couldn't come out as she suffered from Alzheimer's. We chatted for a bit, both of us reveling in the company.  When I was ready to get on my way, he sincerely wished me all the very best as I silently sent him blessings.  I was grateful for the connection, and this energy helped power me home on my trusty bicycle.
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Rajni wrote: Lonely people need our ears. You did a very good job of lending one. Sending blessings silently or else whoever we think of or meet is what all of us should do as a human being. I do not remember the name but that religious person advised all to shoot prayers/blessings at others we meet.

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