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Helping Equals Happiness!!

--by paolagast, posted Feb 24, 2016
I had my first volunteering day today at the recovery kitchen for people battling addiction.  Everyone was so nice and appreciative with me of being there. I donated an hour and a half of my time to help feed all these incredible people that have turned their lives around, and it felt incredible! I really enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know some of them. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and lend a hand again! There is no doubt that there is good in every person, and our bad choices don't define us.  It's our determination to turn negative events into positive moments and striving to be better every day that counts. I was reminded today to not judge a book by its cover because we all deserve a read. 
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terre wrote: So glad this first time volunteering was so rewarding!
KindMyst wrote: Your heart is grand.
savraj wrote: Thankyou so much for the loving and respectful way you view things.
mindyjourney wrote: A beautiful reflection and insight, my friend <3. thank you for your kindness and for sharing with us as well :).
Rippleffect wrote: You are nourishing people body and love-ly! XO
DANCE wrote: Good work, so good you enjoy it as well, surely they are very grateful
kjoyw wrote: Beautiful kindness and reflection. If you can put aside judgement, as you did and as we all should do, you learn so much from theses people. Wonderful share!
pluto178 wrote: You are so spot on we can all fall by the wayside.........they may well have emotional or physical needs that were not being met and drink and drugs are not the answer they are part of the problem I hope they are getting the help they need. Well done for realising the cover of a book doesn't always tell the whole story. x
kmbhai wrote: very nice......
mish wrote: Beautiful reflection about people by you & beautiful Service performed by you. Bless ❤️

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