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Volunteer Joy

--by paolagast, posted Feb 29, 2016
I am so excited today!and I wanted to share it with you all wonderful KindSpring friends!! I have finally been able to become an active volunteer with Hope For Freedom meal program in the city I live in:) I will volunteer all weekend and hopefully every week helping feed less fortunate people, and I couldn't be happier!!

I have applied at several other places to volunteer like the SPCA and my local hospital. There is a great sense of accomplishment and pure joy in giving back to the community, in helping others and in showing kindness. This is one of the things I live for!! I want to give my all to society and help make a difference:)I hope many are inspired and contemplate volunteering a bit of their time to local organizations...there's always need for people to come together and help out fellow humans and animals too!

Thank you all for existing you inspire me everyday, your stories and quotes put a smile on my face and restores my faith in humanity over and over again! God bless!!

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AndiCas wrote: How wonderful, and such a worthwhile project.
sm2000 wrote: :)
bountiful wrote: fantastic to hear well done great way to share your kindness in so many ways! ::)
Mish wrote: How wonderful! Thank you for making our world a kinder place. I celebrate with you, dear one ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Well done that is remarkable. x
mindyjourney wrote: So excited for you as well, my friend! Is such a gift, to be of service. Blessings to you and all those you serve.
balou wrote: wonderful!!! thank you for volunteering ... and for leting us know!
terre wrote: Sounds like a wonderful project; so glad you are volunteering there. You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and that will take you far. Just be sure to save a little for your own self care. Thank you for stepping firmly into the world of volunteering for good.
DANCE wrote: Great!
leoladyc728 wrote: great way to volunteer. I know you will truly enjoy it.

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