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A Position She Paid Forward

--by alisamom, posted Feb 11, 2016
Several years ago, this lady named Lisa and I started working at a bank at the same time. We went through training together and were given part-time positions. Eventually one full-time position opened up.

We both really needed the extra income and benefits - my husband had just gotten laid off; I think she was going through a divorce but I can't remember her exact circumstances.

But when she was offered the full-time position, she told the manager that they should offer it to me first and she'd take it only if I declined. Then she told me to take it. 

I have since lost contact with her but that was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. I hadn't thought about it in years but this morning I woke up and thought of her. I hope someone else was able to show her the kindness she showed me.
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jemimainjapan wrote: I agree with mish, actions like hers make me think her resulting karma would be getting offered a good position in the future. It is nice that you still remember and appreciate her kindness after all this time.
Angelwings wrote: She saw in you something that inspired her to share a great opportunity. These are special moments in our lives. You are both blessed.
melnotes wrote: This is a beautiful story to share xx
kjoyw wrote: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!
horsegirl21 wrote: wow, that was kind of her and it is nice that you remember that act; she would be happy to know that you did not forget :))
mish wrote: I am sure her act of kindness to you brought kindness back to her. It's a kindness boomerang , you know :)
AnnC wrote: What a lovely story! Blessings to both of you.
mindyjourney wrote: amazing how those kindness ripples are still rippling, my friend <3. blessings to Lisa and to you <3
leoladyc728 wrote: that was a beautiful thing she did for you.
terre wrote: Brilliant kindness to you. and I know you've paid it forward many times over.

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