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Timing is Everything

--by 2sarahf, posted Feb 28, 2016
I was hiking in the mountains yesterday when I decided my BMW wasn't going to be the thing that would take me safely up a snowy. slushy road. As I headed back down the mountain, I saw the truck that had just passed me overturned on its side over the bank of the side of the river.  

I stopped to get out to check on the man who was driving, and thankfully, he was able to climb out. His truck was never going to be the same and there was no way to get it out, so I gave him a ride down the mountain to get help from his family. Who would have thought my BMW would have been the thing to make it out over a big truck??!!
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ChristineAZ wrote: Great act of loving kindness
AnnC wrote: So glad you made a safe choice and that you were there to help the man who apparently didn't.
brad2 wrote: You were at the right place, AT THE RIGHT TIME, good stuff.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being the angel of rescue that truck driver needed!
Denysewade wrote: Wow..glad you were able to help
pyronik wrote: doubly glad you decided not to venture further upwards.
horsegirl21 wrote: great that you could help
lt33 wrote: Wow so glad u were there for that guy my dad had his truck roll over a couple times down a hill on black ice but thank god he wasn't hurt a little shook up truck was fine & a guy called from his car letting me know there was definitely a guardian angel watching over him that day
MammaDeb wrote: there are no coincidences. that you acted willingly and with kindness when an opportunity was presented to be of service to someone in needs, gives evidence that you are connected to the Divine. Thank you for your generous heart.
Mish wrote: BMW's are very well made cars. Thank you for being his Angel 👼

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