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Words to set you free

--by brindlegirl, posted Mar 5, 2016
I wrote two more letters/cards to prisoners tonight. Included in the card, as they always are, will be peace doves.

But not only do I always include doves, but there is something else I always do. I write an inspirational quote or uplifting words on the back of the envelope.

Tonight I had the bible near and decided to open randomly to any page. Before I did I said a little prayer and asked if there is a verse for this prisoner that I be led to it. I was blown away. Of everything it says in the bible or could have said I opened to this page and my finger landed on Ezekiel 36:26 which reads.

"And I give you a new heart, with new and right desires, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony heart of sin and give you a new obedient heart".

The last sentence I left out on back of card as I didn't want to emphasise or use the word sin.

I know this quote was divinely chosen especially for the recipient ♡

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ashagauri wrote: Great and noble deed indeed.
kjoyw wrote: These are so lovely! What a blessing they are to those who receive them! You are amazing!
splain wrote: This is great what you for these prisoners.
kiwicat wrote: That is so kind x
bountiful wrote: special thoughts of love brindle what a great gift xx
melnotes wrote: What a beautiful gift of love and kindness xx
AndiCas wrote: The second post I've read about mail for prisoners this morning. Obviously the universe it trying to tell me to get my pen and paper out! How did you find your letter recipients Brindlegirl? Is there an organisation that put you in touch that you could share?
pluto178 wrote: This is Heaven sent work I so admire you for it and yes you were right to leave out the last bit you know if they could have felt love in their lives maybe they would not have ended up in prison its not about sin for me but about taking the wrong path and you dear Brindlegirl are a road map to better times. Keep this up its amazing work. x
mindyjourney wrote: Divinely inspired with loving compassion <3. Thank you for YOUR kind heart, my friend <3.
mish wrote: Oh yes, sent from up above ✨✨

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