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Canadians sharing warmth and love.

--by paolagast, posted Feb 23, 2016
A great idea don't you think?😊😊 I live in Vancouver, Canada; I am not originally from here, and I have to say that I have met some wonderful Canadians that are always doing amazing acts of kindness, one of the reasons why I fell in love with this country, Canada is home now❤️❤️❤️

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terre wrote: I think people have done this in the US too (I read about it somewhere). Brilliant idea! Warm clothes go directly to those who need them most. I've seen it done with scarves and hats and mittens too. All perfect!
kjoyw wrote: Great idea! And I love Vancouver!
horsegirl21 wrote: great idea!
mindyjourney wrote: such lovely neighbors to the north :). what a wonderful idea!
TC wrote: I too call Canada home. Welcome. This is a wonderful idea to do with coats we no longer use.
kmbhai wrote: great !!
pluto178 wrote: I have a very good KS friend from Halifax....hmmmm I wonder.... you Canadians have hearts of gold. x
splain wrote: I just love this with the jackets. They grow good people in old Canada. A beautiful giving gene in all of them.
melnotes wrote: Love this idea!!!!

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