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Inspirational Bookmarks for Strangers

--by paolagast, posted Mar 5, 2016
I read from one of the wonderful people on this site about an idea she had to make bookmarks and put inspirational kindness quotes on them, and then place them in library books for others to find and be inspired. I loved that idea so much that I went and bought all the materials I needed to copy this wonderful idea and make them myself! I love scrapbooking and I'm excited for this new project; I get to do something I enjoy very much and I get to inspire others. A win-win situation! Thank you very much for this beautiful and wonderful inspirational idea.
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Mish wrote: I have a few here I was gifted with & love them 👍
melnotes wrote: How wonderful and love how KS inspires us all :)
kjoyw wrote: So much kindness in this, thank you!
terre wrote: Great sharing of wonderful ideas!
DANCE wrote: :-)
savraj wrote: That's great!
kmbhai wrote: Lovely ....
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful create and giving, my friend :))))). Thank you for sharing inspiration and kindness!
Rippleffect wrote: What a lovely gift to leave these bookmarks at the library! Thank you XO
Marleen wrote: It is indeed a wonderful idea.. I guess it is also very possible to use great pics in magazines for such, or lines/quotes (or combine) and laminate these to make a sturdy bookmark.. Opens up loads of creativity, Love that!!

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