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Warm Coats for All Beings

--by coastalliving92, posted Mar 8, 2016
At our local post office, you will occasionally see a homeless young man and his dog and a young lady and her dog and cat sitting quietly on the cold pavement as the people pass by. Today, I noticed she had taken her sweatshirt off and put it on her dog since it was shivering.

I was so moved I went into the store, purchased a coat and gave it to her so she could be warm too.
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James Stanfield wrote: God bless you. !
petroskryf wrote: This is a beautiful gesture -- hers and yours. Thank you for sharing.
Kim Roley wrote: Very moved by the young lady's kindness to her dog, and your kindness to her. Blessings to you both!
Mish wrote: Bless ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for listening to your heart <3 and buying coat for the woman <3.
horsegirl21 wrote: lovely, very kind of you:))
savraj wrote: So kind of this woman to put her dog first. And so wonderfully kind of you to take care of the woman.
kjoyw wrote: Bless you for such a special kindness!
kmholm44 wrote: Good job spreading your hearts warmth!
lt33 wrote: Aww so great how she put her dog first to keep him warm & you made her week by getting her that coat they just need somebody to say hey here's a little help I know when I try to help out the homeless when I see some of them & I know that gives them a glimpse of hope & that's what u did so thank u my friend by giving that lady hope today

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