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Taking the risk to be kind

--by caroldessen, posted Feb 15, 2016
Inspired by some ideas I read here in the website today, I decided to pay the bill for the woman behind me in the supermarket line. She was around 60 years old and had a frown. 

I introduced myself to her and told her I wanted to give her a gift and asked if I could pay her bill. She couldn´t believe this was happening and waited until I said goodbye (I think she was expecting I would ask her for something) - then she came to me, gave me a hug and thanked me with a smile from ear to ear. Felt so good! 

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Angélika wrote: You made a smile inside her soul
makayla wrote: Thats a pretty letter
shoki2 wrote: How courageous of you, we'll done, keep it up☺
makayla wrote: Thats a pretty letter
Rippleffect wrote: Well you turned that smile upside down!! Such a beautiful gesture! Thanks XO
horsegirl21 wrote: nice :))
terre wrote: Very kind action! Thank you.
kjoyw wrote: This wonderful story made me smile really big, too! What wonderful kindness!!
leoladyc728 wrote: I know this woman really appreciated what you did for her. Sometmes it is hard to pay for everything.
splain wrote: Most people who have a frown usually haven't been on the other end of giving and kindness. You restored her happiness in people. What will your act of kindness lead to?

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