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Kindspring Inspirations

--by alisamom, posted Feb 16, 2016
All posts here are an inspiration to me, but Mindy sharing her journal entries has re-ignited my desire for artsy creativity. Over the past few weeks, instead of watching tv at night I've been doodling simple cards.
Not sure what I'll do with them yet but I'll think of something!
Thank you for always inspiring me, kind spring angels!

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makayla wrote: Nice letters i wish i could do that
pluto178 wrote: Love the dotted one very interesting and yes KS can be so inspiring. x
Marleen wrote: Nice work!, they surely will get a good destination!
horsegirl21 wrote: lovely art work
brad2 wrote: they look cool, keep up the good work.
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful create! And you have inspired me :))), to make smaller draws to give randomly <3. Beautifully done!
DANCE wrote: beautifulllll
mish wrote: How blessed we are to inspire one another here on a daily basis. Wonderful , Alisamom!
AndiCas wrote: Really nice, and I'm sure you can think of loads of people who'd appreciate one. Nothing like a handmade note.
splain wrote: I think getting a hand made card in the mail box, on a bench, in a library, would just make your day more wonderful.

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