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The sweet man that calls my heart to give

--by paolagast, posted Feb 21, 2016
I was buying some things I needed for dinner at the grocery store so that I can cook a special meal for my family.   As I was driving away, I saw out of the corner of my eye the sweet man that sometimes sits by the door at the store hoping someone will give him some change. I had already started driving, but I couldn't not go back and buy him lunch.  I do this whenever I see him, and this time would be no different. 

So I went around the block and picked up a deli sandwich, a potato salad and a bottle of juice. I went back to him and gave him his lunch.  As always, his eyes sparkled with happiness and gratitude, and I left thinking that I was very fortunate to have gone at the time I went to the grocery store.  Two minutes earlier ,and I would have missed him. I look forward to the day I don't see him in that corner again because I will know he has found a way to sustain himself. In the mean time, I will keep my eyes open so I can provide a hot meal whenever I see him ❤️
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the3jewels wrote: A nice story; so many people in this situation. Its easy to walk past people like this; keep the kindness going.
splain wrote: You really are a caring wonderful person.
melnotes wrote: Thankyou for your kindness :)
savraj wrote: So thoughtful, kind and loving of you!
kjoyw wrote: Amazing kindnes!
Rippleffect wrote: I think he will always be at that corner to have a chance to see you! I can imagine his eyes sparkling with joy because of your kindness. Love-ly XO
mish wrote: So sweet you are. Bless you ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: So very kind you are, my friend :). Blessings.
terre wrote: Great day all around! Thank you for your continued kindness to this man.

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