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To many blessings to count

--by paolagast, posted Mar 6, 2016

Good afternoon/night/morning beautiful friends of KS! I wanted to share the good news about my interview with the senior care Centre I had today...I'm on board!! :):):)I'm so excited to start sharing a few hours with these wise, amazing people!

Also, last night I came home to a letter from the death support project, an organization whom I contacted to ask to be placed in the program to be able to correspond with death row inmates. I have been assigned a pen-pal!!! I am beyond excited! They didn't take months to reply, which I thought would happen!
I have the day off from work, so I'm going to sit down and write the three letters I have to write today: two inmates and a letter going to the bundle of love from the website I shared with you,

I can't even count my blessings every day, I am so incredibly grateful for everything, small or big! My heart is full of joy on a day to day basis, and this desire to love and help others just keeps growing and growing!

I volunteered today at the recovery Centre again, and I got to meet some other wonderful people, and shared some stories with my partner in the dish pit. What a joy he is! It's admirable how these people make an effort every day to better themselves and how kind their hearts are!!

By volunteering I'm not only giving back, I have learned, but I'm also enriching my life and bringing joy to my heart! Blessings to all of you and I wish you happiness everyday! <3<3
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info66 wrote: Good job! And good prospects! You are a very kind & strong person! What do you do for you..?
terre wrote: Yes, all this volunteering is definitely enriching your life! Bless you for doing all this for others!
pluto178 wrote: I wonder if a book has ever been written of these death row letters...........I am sure they would be fascinating to read..... would we hear remorse perhaps what is going through their mind perhaps it evens gives them the opportunity to say are a very brave lady. x
melnotes wrote: Awesome!
balou wrote: Great you got on board at the centre!!! And kudos for your energy and the great things you are doing!
savraj wrote: Congratulations! And thanks again for the inspiring ideas!
alisamom wrote: Wow that is incredible kindness you are giving, you are truly an inspiration
mindyjourney wrote: We are so very blessed, my friend! To experience the joy of givng and how it fuels own happiness...nothing better :)))
splain wrote: You leave me stunned with how much you are giving. The joy you are feeling, comes through in your writing.
Mish wrote: You are on a kindness roll alright !! Brava 💕

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