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Going the extra mile, because they deserve it

--by msoucy4862, posted Mar 8, 2016
I deliver Meals on Wheels every Friday.  A week ago I had the pleasure of helping one of my clients. She was frantic when she opened her door to me saying that her phone was dead and since she couldn't use her phone her medic necklace was down also.

She was so frightened in case something happened,she had no way of getting help. She had asked the mailman to help her and he couldn't-though he did go to her neighbors, but they were not home.

When I got there I took matters into my own hands, and called the phone company and made sure that they knew that it was a medical emergency to get this phone fixed. I took her phone number and her name just to make sure I could call later to see if the phone was hooked up.

She was so grateful she was in tears hugging me for my help, which maybe took me 15 minutes of my time. I followed up with the phone company twice that day. We got her phone up and running but we had to wait until Monday to get her necklace back on because they had to bring a new box in for her.I called her two or three times a day until yesterday to make sure she was okay and didn't need anything.

I also have laying hens and 3 feral cats that have adopted me and three house rabbits. Every week I tell her about the antics that they get into and it just brings the biggest smile to her face. She calls my house the funny farm! I bring her a dozen organic eggs every two weeks that she just loves.

I am hoping to bring her to my house for a little tea so she can meet the chickens the bunnies and the kitties.My heart is filled with such love and gratitude for just being able to help her in her time of need. It does not take much time or effort to help your neighbor.

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to help her and to know the people on my route and their needs. Some times all that is, is a smile, a hug or a little joke about my chickens.  When we had our big snowstorm of 30 + inches 3 weeks ago I made a point of getting out on the road and checking all of my meals clients.
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kiwicat wrote: You are wonderful. I know from my granny's experience meals on wheels was the highlight of her day. Taking this lady to your house for a little tea and to meet your animal family would be so kind. This story touched me deeply. You have a goid heart.
Mish wrote: Thank you for caring, sharing & taking action! Bless ❤️
burns wrote: You truly are a caring angel!!!
pyronik wrote: way to go - thank you :-)
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for going the extra, my friend. you made a HUGE positive difference in woman's life :)).
splain wrote: Thanks for all the wonderful care for not only this lady but all your clients
savraj wrote: What a beautiful angel you are. Thankyou for helping this frightened woman. She really needed help and there you were.
kjoyw wrote: What a wonderful thing you did! What a difference your kindness made in her life.
terre wrote: You deliver more than food! You deliver love and caring and friendship and hope. Thank you so much.

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