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I Should Have Hugged Him!

--by DANCE, posted Mar 12, 2016

Last week I had to travel and was carrying 2 large suitcases and 1 medium size (yes, I know…I was not traveling light….). I had to take a bus and a train before getting to the airport, not an easy task but I took it easy and left with more than enough time. 

I arrived at the bus stop and there were a few other people waiting. Bus came and one by one I struggled patiently and put them inside the bus. I noticed I’d began to think ‘why doesn’t anyone offer to help?’ Sat on the bus and kept thinking ‘many are very young, most of them are my neighbours, how unkind, typical of this country, that’s why I want to leave as soon as I can….etc. etc.’

I suddenly stopped myself and decided to change thoughts. I’ve been trying especially lately to ‘switch’ as soon as I see negativity coming into my head... so…went for: ‘I’m glad I managed, I’m strong enough, I look forward to the challenges of this trip, I’ll meet people I love…etc. etc.’

Bus arrived at destination, waited for everyone to get off so I could patiently again take one by one out. AND the very one man I would have least expected-in his 70's at least!-came back up and offered to help!!!! He carried the last one for me! I was so pleased and surprised, gave him a big smile-he smiled back-and we both went on. He seemed pretty pleased with himself :-) I then thought: ‘I SHOULD HAVE HUGGED HIM’. Hope I see him again…
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camara wrote: Please i really need help,not abt money but i need someone who can help me get a job,any kind will be appreciated,you will be saving a soul if u do so,god bless you
Mish wrote: Our ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE changes everything switched gears & attracted kindness. Awesome. I bet he felt your gratitude too x
splain wrote: This is powerful with how we change. You changed your thinking and you changed the outcome. Isn't it just amazing how it happens. We are involved in a very special circle of kindness and change.
AndiCas wrote: Loving the gear shift. I find it's so much easier to do if I catch it early. And I do love how this gear shit changed your reality. What a wonderful man. You're right, you should have hugged him ;)
alisamom wrote: Wonderful attitude! I dislike were I am too but have very much noticed that when I'm negative and project that I only get negativity back, yet when I switch gears and focus on the positive moment I frequently get a positive reaction back.
kjoyw wrote: What a kindness by that dear man. Just goes to show you what a difference it makes when you see things through the eyes of gratitude!
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for redirecting your focus and for encouraging a kinder opportunity for support :)))).
terre wrote: I hesitate to suggest this, and don't know if you thought of it, but you could have asked for some help, too. People often don't offer when I looks like the other person doesn't want the help, or they are projecting a really "I'm independent" air. Asking never hurts.
Rippleffect wrote: I love what Mish said about having an attitude of gratitude...changing your mind did change the outcome. Such a gentle-man!

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