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A Week of Random Acts of Kindness

--by brad2, posted Mar 20, 2016
RAK week, 1) Helped three couples with kids, with care packages (food and treats for kids), 2) Had a good and long talk with a friend who also recently lost his wife (last week), consoling and giving prayer/spiritual advice, 3) Talked sense with a community member under the influence, out of suicide feelings, stayed with her until she started smiling, bought her and her kids food, 4) Sat with an elder who was alone, bought him food also (stew and bannock), 5)Made bannock for two elders 5)Took left over bannock and stew for a family, 6)bought coffee for those who needed it yesterday and for co-workers this morning, 7) bought breakfast sandwiches for my co-workers. (photo from daily good website).

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laughingsoul wrote: When a heart is generous, may run out of time to count and record all of its doing, so busy creating good that it becomes life's beauty.
Thank you for living such an amazing life!
ChristineAZ wrote: Wonderful.
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like your normal week, my friend <3. Thank you for living your life as your message of Peace Love and Hope. Might need that bannock recipe!
Mish wrote: Wowzers Brad...and it's only Tuesday!!!!! Hugs
savraj wrote: So kind and thoughtful of you Brad. And so good of you to console your friend.
katking wrote: you are a champ! love it love it love it! <3
splain wrote: You live the way you believe. You are an amazing man.
terre wrote: Yes, you live life fully and in the moment and with the needs of others in your heart. You're definitely a good neighbour and wonderful force in your community. And please do share your bannock recipe.
Rippleffect wrote: What didn't you do...I love the peace love and happiness picture too! Thanks for all of your compassion! XO
lya348 wrote: What wonderful acts of kindness you share with the world. You are inspiring!

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