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We all have the Power

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 2, 2019
I went out to breakfast this morning to meet a friend. Was lovely. But what wasn't so lovely was the lady who took our order....

Nothing major, only that I noticed a bit of a 'tude' about her. She spoke in a way that was frustrated, unhappy, certainly not friendly, and sort of rude. Working in hospitality myself, I noticed it.

When it came to my turn to approach her and order I thought to myself ... "what can I do here to make her day, to appreciate her, to make her smile'.

I had nothing.

Surely there must be something I can sincerely compliment her on. Then there it was and I knew instantly. Or more so heard instantly.

It was her voice. She had the most incredibly well spoken and clear voice. It was SO good. Like incredibly good. Professionally good. I had it. That was it. That was what I would compliment her on.

So after she took my order and gave me the same unfriendly attitude I told her. I said...

"I hope you don't me saying but you have the most amazing voice. It's so clear, well spoken and sounds so professional".

I told her how she honestly had one of those voices that would be perfect for voice overs, announcements or even radio.

Her whole face lit up, she smiled (the first time I had seen her do so) and as I left and walked away, noticed her whole attitude change. The customer behind me received a totally different kind of service. A happier one. And. All because of what I did. Something so simple!

There was a time when this sort of thing would have embarrassed the hell out of me. Or I'd have been way to shy and awkward to say such a thing. Not now. Now I must!


Because I have the power. The power to completely change someone's day by something as simple as a few kind words and being kind.

And you have this power too. We all do ♡
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Bella24 wrote: Thank you, this story inspired me. I tend to be too shy to give compliments, but this story changes things:)
shaoguoqiang wrote: A good story! I firmly believe that kindness can melt the hardest ice!
kalaa wrote: What a lovely thing to do, as you indicated, your kindness was "paid forward" right in your very presence and immediately. As another person said, it was win win!
splain wrote: you found something to just make a change in her. you did well. Yes that one small complement changed her day
ChristineAZ wrote: Amen! I love this story.
jack wrote: It all began with a kind thought. The words were your instrument playing the harmony of loving kindness which all ears welcome.
cabbage wrote: Wow! Way to look for the good and act on it. Thanks for sharing the idea. Simply awesome!
Hugs to you.
kjoyw wrote: Yes, dear brindle girl, kindness makes THE difference and we all have the power to do this! Well some you! And what a lovely quote by The Buddha.
terre wrote: You did such a good job, dear friend! You helped her improve her attitude and self beliefs, which then improved service for the others after you... and... you feel wonderful about yourself for doing this. It's all win win win!
pianopoodle wrote: That is such a good and inspiring story! I heard once that we all think something, but rarely go up to a stranger and give a compliment. They said we should, even if it is something like saying the color of their coat is so pretty. I have done so, and it gives you a warm feeling inside to see their face light up.

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