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Loving kindness, even in the grocery store

--by brenross, posted Mar 15, 2016
I do 'metta', or loving kindness at the grocery store. When I stand at the checkout line I direct a silent prayer to the people around me - may you be happy, may you be well, may you be safe. It directs my restless energy to a patient, loving place, and makes grocery shopping a pleasure.
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pia777 wrote: Thank you for sharing the good energy
info66 wrote: Good place for metta ^_^
savraj wrote: So kind of you to send these loving messages to people around you.
splain wrote: Thank you for doing this
kjoyw wrote: Amazing! I've been going this for years and never knew it had a name. It is calming and centering, and sends such good energy to these folks. Believe all prayers are heard.
mindyjourney wrote: Love to do this when driving :)))) or in a crowded place <3. Thank you for sharing with us.
brindlegirl wrote: Me too. Whilst driving I find particularly powerful ♡
Mish wrote: I do this too whenever I have to wait in line or get stuck in traffic. Great use of our time & a blessing for all x
Novice50 wrote: I do this same one when I'm driving in traffic!
jemimainjapan wrote: Awesome! I do this sometimes as well. Nice to meet other Buddhists. :)

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