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Being There

--by brindlegirl, posted Mar 22, 2016
I strive to practice kindness towards my son. Every day after lunch, I sit down and enjoy a piece of chocolate and cup of tea. This is my time. I love it. I never ever want to give it up.

Today I did. I did because I knew the right and kind thing to do in that moment was play with my son. I hadn't spent much time with him at all and every ounce of my being said I needed to. We played bowling.

Some days I get it right. I am so kind always to others, but as Mother Teresa so often said: "kindness begins at home". It is also where it is most important ♡

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ChristineAZ wrote: Wonderful story
Bananatheworl wrote: :)
savraj wrote: That's fantastic!
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful! And great photo od sent n resetting the pins.
splain wrote: A good day when you get great pleasure doing things with your little fella
info66 wrote: Indeed, see what others need, but never forget you have needs too. And helping others might be one, but you are more than a mon, daughter, etc..You are you too, there needs to be time for you too!
jsmc10 wrote: Wonderful :)
pluto178 wrote: Many people miss the point of kindness if it doesn't begin in the home.............being good to outsiders is all well and good if family members need you more its about balance........good choice. x
melnotes wrote: I'm sure you both had lots of fun!
mindyjourney wrote: the tea & chocolate will wait, son won't <3. keep the balance in your life tho, my important to find time for you as well.

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