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Spreading Love in a Moment of Challenge

--by alisamom, posted Mar 15, 2016
I released a whole flock of peace doves tonight. We had a section chorus meeting tonight and at the end it turned into an "airing of grievances" where several people ended up crying and saying they are considering leaving but love to sing so they are staying for now. I am new so I stayed out of it, I just listened.

Once everyone wound down I felt the meeting had to end on a good note, so I dug through every corner of my purse to come up with enough Mindy peace doves, I got up, gave everyone a hug and a dove, and told them that I love them and how much they all mean to made everyone smile.

It also showed me that sadness and pain often hide beneath a smiling and cheerful face, and it made me more determined than ever to distribute more love letters and inspirational notes wherever I go.
Now I just need to work on my stealth skills to stay anonymous! ;)
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marylittle wrote: Powerful when we stay present and listen unconditionally, beautiful!
brindlegirl wrote: Awesome. Awesome. Just awesome ♡♡♡
leoladyc728 wrote: great thing to spread those peace doves around.
splain wrote: Great post and you did well
KindMyst wrote: "I just listened" and doves. 😻👍🏽
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for listening and releasing Peace and ((hugs))). truly a defining moment, my friend <3. Well done.
Marleen wrote: Whatever happens, you stayed true to you.. Awesome!
terre wrote: Wonderful way for you to end the evening! Thank you!
melnotes wrote: Wonderful dove giving!
savraj wrote: Great job in bringing out the smiling shining faces in the end!

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