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My dad, the 'Mystery Kindness Man'

--by kiwicat, posted Mar 17, 2016
Heres a lovely story I read on Reddit tonight -"My dad used to do this kind of thing every year. He'd go to our school and ask the people at the front desk if there were any families who were struggling and wouldn't be able to have a nice Christmas (small-ish town, so the school people knew him and were willing to give him some names and information). There were three of us kids, so he'd pick three families. Then we'd go shopping for them. New toys, new clothes, some little things for the parents, and lots of food for Christmas dinner. We'd sneak over to their houses when they were out and leave all the packages in front of the door. Dad would leave a card with a little bit of cash in it and sign it --Santa"
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lindariebel wrote: Inspiring! Think i'll do it this year!
Linda Moody wrote: Hi kiwicat, what a great thing your dad did and i bet you still do something like this.
splain wrote: What a beautiful father, See what a lovely person you have grown to be, no surprise there
pluto178 wrote: Now thats what Christmas was meant to be about x
melnotes wrote: How lovely and what a great Dad :)
mindyjourney wrote: Isn't it great to experience that "dad-Santa's" kindness today too?!!! Lovely ripples....
lya348 wrote: What an amazing father you have! He was a wonderful role model for you and you were so blessed to have that.
Rippleffect wrote: What a beautiful lesson in life your Dad gave you! Love-ly memory XO
savraj wrote: Wonderful story! Thankyou for sharing!
kjoyw wrote: Great story of kindness.

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