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Everyday is a Special Day, Because She's With Me

--by cabbage, posted Mar 14, 2016
Today my mom-in law would have been 82. Even though she passed away three years ago this April, we all still feel her love and presence with us every single day. She was a generous, warm-hearted spirit who made friends with everyone who crossed her path. I am smiling thinking of all of the ways in which we are still connected to her spirit.

I left flowers on her daughter's doorstep today--sunflowers to embody her mom's spirit. I made several gallons of her favorite mango lassi as a contribution to a school event today, and then toasted her with a small glass, smiling as I thought of what she would say to me.

Thought of everything I did after work today--picking up dry cleaning, making dinner, bringing homemade treats to a neighbor, volunteering, connecting with friends over the phone/email, writing a letter of recommendation for someone, surprising my son with a new pair of sneakers....and I thought of how my mom in law's life was defined by what she did for everyone else in her life and how the connections she forged still live on after her body has gone. Powerful stuff.

I think of her when I am doing crossword puzzles (I try to do one every day) since she loved to do them too. I think of her as I am knitting a scarf for my best friend, since knitting is something new to me, but she was an expert at it. I was surprised and delighted when my son randomly asked me to watch a movie clip with him last night that was one of her favorites before she passed away--it made me think of her laughter and zest for life, as we were laughing together. I feel such a sense of peace.
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marylittle wrote: Beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing! It was a great story to read first thing this monday morning.

ashagauri wrote: What a great tribute. Wish there are more daughters in law like you
splain wrote: What a delightful woman you are. The way you talk about your family and life is wonderful
AndiCas wrote: Great memories and inspiration.
mindyjourney wrote: To bring the essence of your mother in law's loving compassion into your day, with special mindful remembrance, is such a tribute to her spirit <3. Thank you and contintued blessings, my friend.
lya348 wrote: How wonderful the way you describe your mother in law and what an amazing loving spirit she was. It's a testament to your own inner beauty in how you saw hers!
savraj wrote: Beautiful way to remember your dear mother in law.
Mish wrote: Wonderful day of tribute. Bless ❤️
terre wrote: Wonderful loving tribute to your mom-in-law! Thank you for sharing it with us.
melnotes wrote: An amazing tribute to your beautiful mum xx

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