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Books and Kind Wishes

--by AnnC, posted Mar 24, 2016
Today I volunteered at our "Friends of the Library" used book sale. Towards the end of the sale, a gentleman rushed in. I recognized him as the the 'father' of a very special family in our community. This man and his wife have adopted a large number of special needs children (I think the number is around 20 over the past 40 years).
The couple's grown biological children have now carried on the tradition. I helped the man choose a large selection of books for all the kids and told him there was no charge since the sale was nearly over. While he was talking to someone else, I put an envelope with some money in it and a quickly written smiley note in the top of his book bag. The amount was not large, but I hope it will help.
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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your generous heart in helping this extraordinary man select some books and for your SMILE cash donation to him :)))))). Oh, I so enjoy our library sales too!
verityngnosis wrote: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.💖
kjoyw wrote: Lovely, thoughtful kindness!
terre wrote: Excellent kindness for this kind kind man!
leoladyc728 wrote: great kindness for such a deserving family.
melnotes wrote: Thank you :)
splain wrote: Beautiful giving from you to an incredible man and his family

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