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Sprinkles of Kindness

--by starryskies, posted Mar 30, 2016

Today it was cool and rainy and I saw a man standing at an uncovered bus stop, without a hat or umbrella. I stopped and gave him the umbrella I carry in my car along with a smile card. I had missed yoga today because of daylight savings but because I missed class I was able to do this kindness act, which for me is most important and enjoyable. 

I try to carry extra umbrellas in my car for this purpose... to help those caught in the rain! It's a fun one. Later I went to the grocery store and bought a bag for the next person who needs one and left a smile card. Yesterday I paid people's tolls. Lots of little things to spread Love and Smiles. :)

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Virginia Reeves wrote: You personify the saying of "practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty". I bet you create lots of smiles and gratefulness.
ChristineAZ wrote: So sweet! I love it.
kjoyw wrote: So glad to hear from you! You certainly do sound busy and so involved with lots of wonderful pursuits. Hope to see you again soon!
splain wrote: Yes!,Hi nice to see you back I love the umbrella idea.
mindyjourney wrote: Yay!! Kindness and starryskies are back :))). Love the umbrella idea, my friend <3.
pia777 wrote: kudos! heart warming post. The world is still beautiful, with beautiful souls like you
DANCE wrote: Lots of kindness going around
burns wrote: Your kindness is so inspiring!
savraj wrote: Nice to hear from you! Sounds you've been up to all kinds of good!!!
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like you are doing what makes you happy. thank you for being there with the umbrella today.

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