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Truck Driver Kindness

--by AndiCas, posted Apr 8, 2016
As we were heading into town yesterday on little wiggly roads, we came up behind a huge heavily laden lorry which was crawling on the steep stretches. The very kind driver used his elevated position to signal to us when it was safe to pass, and gave us as much space as he could. I wonder if he realized how much he lifted my mood with that small act. 
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the3jewels wrote: Nice gesture from the driver. I always make a point of helping truck drivers; when they pass me on the motorway i flash my headlights to let them know its safe to come into the lane i'm in.
marleen wrote: if you thank him in though, his higher self will surely pick it up!
splain wrote: It sounds like he does this a lot and is considerate of others. I am sure he knows that you would appreciate his actions. It just does make you feel good and when someone is kind on the road.
pluto178 wrote: Road kindness is so easy costs nothing and lifts spirits. x
melnotes wrote: Great to hear that kindness is alive and out there :)
mindyjourney wrote: Look at the thanks being expressed all over the world for his kind act! :))))
horsegirl21 wrote: nice act of kindness on the road....
terre wrote: Sounds like the best kind of truck driver! I'm sure he knows how much your mood lifted!
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful kindness!

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