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Warmth on a Cold and Windy Day

--by kjoyw, posted Apr 15, 2016
It's been a very cold, windy day here so we had lots of drop-in guests while I was volunteering [at the homeless shelter]. I gave out numerous snack bags and cups of coffee and hot cocoa. I also gave out lots of info on where some could find housing. One of the gentleman asked that I pray with him for his wife, currently in the hospital. I was honored to do that. Many smiles and thank you's were exchanged as well as many blessings shared.

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joanellenhoo wrote: So nice. Thanks for your example.
luv4all wrote: What a wonderful volunteer time :) god bless
ScoutLovesMe wrote: Thank you for your work.
ChristineAZ wrote: Wonderful. I love the art work as well.
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful warmth of giving and praying <3. thank you, dear friend :).
terre wrote: Nice day I think...
splain wrote: This is really helping the ones who need it. Thanks for doing this.
Mitalichawla wrote: so finally it was a great day today for you
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful day of sharing yourself with others.
Gyrocloudy wrote: Blessings and power of prayer too

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