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Reminded of The Power of Kindness

--by kindmind, posted Apr 14, 2016
This is a story about me practicing without knowing it. I stopped at a small grocery store to pick up a couple things, asked the cashier how her day was going, looked at her when she asked me a question and responded politely.

When she handed me my bill she said she wished all her customers were as nice as I was - I asked what she meant by that and  she responded by sharing that I was very polite and smiling.

It is a good reminder for me that being nice can have a positive impact to people, whether they say it or not.
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jayoung930 wrote: I started volunteering at a hospital back in 2012 at the front reception desk. A large part of the "job" was to greet all people entering and leaving. I've found that through the years it is now very easy for me to smile and greet people no matter where i am or what setting i'm it. It makes me feel better about myself and to know that i have been spreading smiles & happiness to all those i encounter.
HelenN wrote: I read somewhere that if you want to have good service in a store or elsewhere, you need to work at being a good customer. There are some great ideas here about how to do that!
Patricia Brown wrote: I always at my supermarket go out of my way to let all the cashiers smile. I refer to the oldest as duchess, and the younger ones as princesses saying " have a happy day" and i always see the customers look at me and smile it sure makes my day a happy one.
Karen wrote: One of our priests did a sermon on how important the little things are to people. He said that a smile
May be the only way god touches a person that day. So kudos to you for making the effort.
Remember to smile at the people at the bus stop. You never know who it helps. Karen
Brindlegirl wrote: It's the simple things. Always the most simplest of gestures that leave the biggest impressions on the hearts of others 💖
Virginia wrote: As others have said, it is so simple to smile and speak a few words to everyone you meet. I do my best to practice this. Sometimes you're ignored. I just say to myself - i tried. You are supporting your own strong value system and that is what counts.
KnitNana4 wrote: My hubby & i talk to all the clerks, stockers, managers, etc. At our local grocery store and they all say how much they enjoy us; what a 'fun' couple we are; and they, too, say they wish all their customers were as courteous, polite, smiling etc. Doesn't cost us any extra to smile!
Mish wrote: Simple to do and so powerful. Bless.
splain wrote: It is so nice that you were open and friendly but sad reflection on many of her customers. Being polite and smiling is not the norm anymore, very sad.
vitalreiki wrote: Kindness is such a simple thing to offer in any situation.

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