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Where's My Bread?

--by Gyrocloudy, posted Apr 12, 2016
Kindness is playful.

Today I bought my piece of sweet bread from the local guy. Usually I leave my bread on top of some rocks. Then I read or walk and then come back to get another bite from that sweet. I repeat that until I finish eating  the bread.

Today was funny. Kindness appeared there, suddenly. I was walking and when I came back to eat again, my bread had disappeared. I looked and detected a man in the distance. He was eating my bread with so much happiness and enthusiasm. I smiled.

I'm going to repeat that action to see what happens :)
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Marleen wrote: Good response!
mindyjourney wrote: Sharing kindness with a bit of bread :))). I thought maybe a big bird came and shared with you! :)
Mish wrote: Yours is a generous, loving nature. Bless 💕
AnnC wrote: I love this twist on your story and your generous spirit that allowed you to be happy for the man rather than angry that he had taken your sweetbread!
DANCE wrote: :-)
splain wrote: I think this is so lovely. To take your bread, he must have been very hungry. You were so nice about it. good on you
kjoyw wrote: Your generosity is wonderful! You are so kind!
leoladyc728 wrote: glad you enjoyed this man eating your bread. Good attitude.
melnotes wrote: Im sure this man enjoyed every morsel!
pluto178 wrote: Lol lucky man x

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