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Restaurant Bill

--by AndiCas, posted Apr 27, 2016
I met a friend for lunch and afterwards we met our husbands in a restaurant where we shared a large table with an elderly gentleman reading a book. Absolutely out of the blue he settled our bill. I had a chat with him then, and I suspect he did it just to have a reason to strike up conversation. He'd obviously heard our conversation, and was very pleased to speak English to me. He explained that it wasn't as good as he'd like following a stroke. 
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ChristineAZ wrote: That's beautiful!
amelianina1 wrote: When my friend and i would go to a restaurant, we would usually get to talking about god. People would come over and tell us how lovely it was for them to hear such a loving and good conversation!
ChristineAZ wrote: That's beautiful!
pyronik wrote: how nice on both sides :-) reading a book would suggest to me that someone didn't want to be disturbed - but he obviously wanted to talk.
kiwicat wrote: You do soany kind things, I'm glad you had something kind done for you and your hard working husband x x x
mindyjourney wrote: Nice connect and treat :))). So glad you enjoyed the kindness, you deserve!
Kindmyst wrote: Hurray for kind, elderly, social folks.
Mish wrote: A new friend. Nice.
kjoyw wrote: Oh, what a nice connection! And what a nice thing for him to do!
terre wrote: What a lovely treat! Both the lunch and the drinks after. Such a nice older man, too!

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