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Be the person you needed when you were young

--by brindlegirl, posted Apr 22, 2016
There are so many acts of kindness that can be done daily and so many more we miss. I missed one the other day and really wish I'd acted upon it. It was only later in reflecting back on the day that I saw it.

Still it's ok. At the time I sent love and gave the girl my heart and prayers later that night. And that too is a kindness.

I was at my boys school sports carnival watching all the kids compete. When I noticed one race, and a young girl of about 8, coming last. She was overweight and was trailing so far behind that the others in the race had finished well before she crossed the line.

At the time my heart broke. I remember being that girl. Overweight and coming in last. How now I wish I'd said something. Told her how proud I was of her and encouraged her.

Still there will be a next time. And those times, those times will not pass by like this one. I will act on them 💗

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1sher wrote: Thanks so much for reminding me to look harder for opportunities to give- i called an au pair i met in language class who is leaving her post due to the family tension- i thought i was just a sounding board but now am trying to help in other ways~ peace to your kind heart
melnotes wrote: I missed an opportunity yesterday brindlegirl and have been reflecting on it, always something to learn!
bountiful wrote: lovely way to reflect remember and bring on the positive affirmations that are now present in your life
KindMyst wrote: Thank you for sharing this vulnerable and honest reflection.
virgl wrote: Beautiful post.... thank YOU....
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: The love and prayers you sent her way were indeed an act of kindness! I too regret when I miss a chance to practice kindness. The good thing though is you learn from it and because of that next time you likely will not miss another!
Mish wrote: Such a beautiful post. Such a beautiful YOU 💕
mindyjourney wrote: Those reminders are gentle encouragements to face our memories for the past and heal <3.
DANCE wrote: I'm sure you will
kjoyw wrote: Oh, so beautiful! What a lovely healing spirit you have, brindlegirl! We all benefit from your insight and gentle kindness.

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