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A Third Grader's Gift Economy Experiment

--by lewski711, posted Apr 28, 2016
I run a classroom economy with my 3rd grade students where they apply for jobs, get weekly pay, pay monthly rent for the desks, can buy their own desks and even buy their classmates' desks and become landlords.

With their income they can buy items at our class store, purchase bigger items at our monthly auction, or pay for experiences (lunch with me, rent me for recess, paint my nails).

One student decided to cash in a lot of his funds in order to do a RAOK for the class. He bought a class party...for $2,000. Just to give you an idea of how difficult that is and how giving it is, most students are paid $15 weekly. Rent is $100 a month.

So, instead of using his savings for himself, he decided to use it for his peers. Warms my heart.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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watersparkle wrote: That is so beautiful! Thank you for your work.
joanellenhoo wrote: So many questions. Would you be willing to go into more detail about this project? And is there a kindness component to the program? Props to you. And that amazing kid.
peacebird7 wrote: Wonderful! What a great example he set for the other children! Can't wait to hear what ripples of kindness that one act causes!
melnotes wrote: WOW! This is awesome :)
bountiful wrote: So awesome to see the kids smiling and enjoying their lunch too!! wonderful gift for the classmates as well sharing and caring is learnt in this classroom!!
kjoyw wrote: Very wonderful!
mindyjourney wrote: Looks at all those kind kids! :))) Great teaching of economy and kindness too :)). Can I give my points to the student who used his for party? :)))
Mish wrote: You are such an inspiration for your students. No wonder they are so awesome!!
horsegirl21 wrote: Sounds like a wonderful learning program; so kind of that student to share with the class:)
DANCE wrote: wow, lovely

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