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Supermarket Kindnesses (again!)

--by AndiCas, posted Apr 25, 2016
Once again, a shopping trip was a great opportunity to experience kindness given and received. With two trolleys full, I was surprised and very touched that other customers stood back to let me become first in line when the cashiers opened another checkout. Of course I let them go through first as my grocery pile was vast, but the gesture was really appreciated.

The supermarket I use stacks boxes and boxes of 'specials' at the end of rows, and for some reason thinks all their customers are basketball player height. So, I helped an elderly lady who wasn't tall enough to reach into the box of eggs, then lifted a couple of crates down to make it easier to access for anyone else who forgot to pack their step ladder.

As I was taking my trolley back I noticed a couple of ladies slowly ferrying their groceries, in bags and boxes, across the car park to their vehicle (goodness knows why they didn't use a trolley, perhaps there wasn't a kindspringer about when they needed a coin to release one!). On my return trip they had a few items remaining, so I scooped it up and carried it to their car on my way back to my own. Smiles all round :)
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joanellenhoo wrote: The grocery store really is a karmic playground, isn't it? It makes a big difference to my day (and i admit, my mood) when someone lends a hand, or when i can too. I appreciate your good humour as well as your kindness.
mirayog wrote: Simple and easy way of spreading joy and thankfulness, just by being observant and caring. Stories like this help to spread awareness for wanting to be helpful, thanks for sharing!
kjoyw wrote: Lovely kindness! Grocery stores are such wonderful places to make those connections of kindness!
mindyjourney wrote: So many opportunities at the supermarket and looks as if you took full advantage of kindness "specials!" Well done, my friend :).
Mish wrote: Kindness ripples abounding there! Does a heart good. Bless ❤️
horsegirl21 wrote: Wonderful; so many ways to be kind at the supermarket:)

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