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The gift of playful freedom

--by sandyremillar, posted Apr 29, 2016
Today I share a lovely experience of yesterday: I've been helping my friend Kathy, who has MS, doing exercise in the pool. We have seen some progress since I met her Dec 31st., glad to say.....but a few days ago I thought she could be so thrilled if she could snorkel in the pool...the liberty of doing so....and so she agreed. She used to be a swimming instructor and did scuba diving.

Yesterday we tried. While her caretaker held her, we began going down the steps with the mask and snorkel. She does not have hand mobility yet, so I would dive in and check on her expression. Once she we adjusted both pieces, we took her -little by little- to the deep floating looking down. There came a point I held her hand and kind of swirled her around (always playful....).

I cannot tell you how thrilled she was and that so made my day! End of the month she has a wedding in Florida so I see her enjoying going into the ocean with her snorkel! I bought her exactly the one you see, she loves blue. Blessings from Above!

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janfour wrote: This is a lovely story - thank you for sharing
vonnymcaskill43 wrote: How blessed your friend is to have your kindness covering her.
katking wrote: blessings to you and to water!
kjoyw wrote: I find being in the water like that very healing. Thank you for all the help you are giving her.
balou wrote: Thank you, Sandy! THis must have meant so much to her! A friend of mine has MS (stage 2) as well, so I can relate a little bit. Although she's not fond of swimming ;-}
Novice50 wrote: beautifully done, as always Sandy!
mindyjourney wrote: You are a true water angel, dear sandy! thank you for encouraging friend to reconnect with her love of water :).
AnnC wrote: Thank you for being such a wonderful friend
horsegirl21 wrote: great job Sandy; you made Kathy very happy I am sure!
leoladyc728 wrote: So kind of you to buy your friend the snorkel. I know that water exercise is supposed to be good for MS. One of my student's father has MS and goes to water therapy each week.

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