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Handmade Films

--by David, posted Jan 25, 2006
Not a question, just a thought and story about Serendipity: “The gift of finding valuable and agreeable things not sought for.”

I fell into something quite beautiful, and completely by accident. I'm not sure why I’m writing you, but I’m practicing being grateful, and I guess I’m grateful that you're out there doing what you do.

A friend asked me if I could do anything with hours of home movie footage and pictures she had sitting in a shoe box(I’m an independent filmmaker) so I took it all and made her a little autobiographical sketch of her daughter Fortune.

Some other moms saw it, and then I got a paying customer, who wanted me to do one about her two sons. I’ve since done a few more for people.

After struggling for years producing and directing my first feature film called awake, I was pretty short for cash.

Not only have I stumbled onto a way to finance my passion, but I have so much fun, and the happiness it brings the parents is unbelievable!

I call them Handmade films. Every handmade film is an episode in laughter, tears and amazement at the breathtaking beauty of the human spirit, young and old.

Because it's other peoples home movies, often they are pretty raw, but that’s also the beauty of the handmade movement, as I’m calling it.

I will sum it up with these beautiful words

A handmade movement is...

a beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
It is a beauty of things modest and humble.
It is a beauty of things unconventional.
Handmade Films are built with love, by love and for love

They serve no other purpose.

Anyway , I just wanted to share the good news and encourage people to create their own family heirlooms, so we can pass down to each gerneration something about our past.

Keep well.

A fan and fellow traveler on the road of life
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jsmc10 wrote: Sounds so beautiful and i am so happy that got to make a living out of your passion :)

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