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Ever Been Nudged?

--by Maumauc, posted Jan 28, 2009

My husband and I were shopping in a local grocery store one day and as we were ready to leave, I had a nudge to go into the coffee shop they had added a few months before.  "Are you hungry?" Gene asked.   "No, but I just have a feeling we should go in for a cup of coffee or something". 

As we neared the back corner table, I smiled at a lady sitting alone at the table next to ours and asked her how she was today.  She turned and began to tell me.  She talked for about 10 minutes of all that was going on in her life with very few words of encouragement from me.  She then smiled and thanked me for listening but she had to go.  I asked her if she needed a hug and I was immediately enveloped in the strongest yet tenderest hug I had for awhile.  She had a huge smile on her face and thanked me again, and she was off.

My husband asked me who she was.  "I have no idea, but I know now why I was nudged to come in." 

Whenever you feel that pull to go this way or that, just follow through, for there may be someone who needs your help, or an ear to listen, or a healing touch through kind words or hugs. 

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hotcocoa wrote: Thanks for sharing :)
Yeah, i would call them magical nudges, but they are divinity/god's nudges.
dotrut2001 wrote: I have been nudged more times than i can count and am happy that i learned long ago to listen to my inner voice. So glad that you listen to yours too!
Jimpa wrote: Good for you!

Many blessings,
LOAS wrote: Great story! I am glad you were present enough in the moment to receive and respond to that nudge. I am sure you made that lady's day! :)
sweetp wrote: Yes HE IS! I've had a lot of experiences like this, and I need to be on the receiving side right now. Thankful there are people like you to give out hugs once in a while :)
ieiblue wrote: nudged!!! wow great.. :p
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Sometimes we realize why we were nudged and sometimes we don't. But everything happens for a reason. Thanks for sharing!
Nandi wrote: Dear Maumauc,

What a wonderful thing u did! In fact, did many, not just one. Firstly, u listened to ur inner voice, it was not coffee but that lady was calling u!
Then u go on to ask her if she was fine and listened to her story ending THE story with a hug!
Thanks dear for being so kind and sweet to a stranger!
Lending a patient ear is one of the greatest services u can do to humans and animals (yes, they too need to be listened to)equally!
Just by hearing a person out u can ease to an extent his/her weight, grief, pain etc.
And, a hug is always an icing on the cake!
A very warm HUG to u from me.

May u have many more 'coffe calling'!!
jsredwing wrote: Beautiful story!
makingyousmile wrote: Wonderful story.
I too have many such stories to share in which I was nudged.

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