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Walk With Me

--by lmil1954, posted Feb 10, 2009

Come walk with me in the sunshine

I'll tell you a bit about myself

I haven't got much in my wallet

and there isn't much food on the shelf

But there's something that just keeps on growing

You can see by the look on my face

There's a love that so freely is flowing

Let's  walk  in the sunshine of grace!


Come walk with me in the sunshine

and share a piece of yourself

I don't want what is in your wallet

and I don't care what is on your shelf

I want you to know you are glowing

as we walk along sharing this space

I want you to know that I love you

as we walk in the sunshine of grace!




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Readers Comments

happytogive wrote: 'tis grace that makes us feel so good!

Thank you
JuneBug wrote: You wrote this, didn't you???? :}
bhappy wrote: You have written an AMAZING and Beautiful poem Linda. I Love you my dear friend and I would Love to walk with you in the Sunshine Of Grace!!! We are blessed aren't we? Keep shining Linda, Olive you...Becki
AURELIA wrote: So Lovely. Sunshine of Grace :)... Oh I really love it. You are a sweetheart. ~Aurelia
Nandi wrote: Dear Linda,

You wrote this poem? It is TOO BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks a lot for sharing. And, yes, I would love to walk with u in the sunshine of grace and would love to tell u about myself!
Right now I take the satisfaction that we all are walking holding hands, talking and sharing parts of ourselves on the space of ''!
lovebug wrote: It is indeed amazing grace we are all sharing. I do agree with Nandi, it is We can't be connected in the body, but they have given us a space to connect us in spirit.
lmil1954 wrote: Thanks to all who asked yes I did write it!
lovbitz1290 wrote: beautiful

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