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Flowering Kindness in Fourth Grade

--by lewski711, posted
Today's RAOK was so cool on a number of different levels:

Last week I asked my students to bring one flower (or more) today so we could create a bouquet for the office staff.

We got WAY more than I had anticipated. There were actually three more vases of flowers after I took this pic.

Then, we all delivered them to the office staff with a Thank You card we all signed letting them know how we appreciated them.

Best part: when we returned, I asked the kids what they got from that experience. they said it made them happy. I asked what made them happy. And, they said making others happy.

I think they got it, that kindness always comes back and that it creates more. Can't wait to see what THEY will do the rest of the month.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

Readers Comments

Brindlegirl wrote: I love this!!! Great idea. Every one each bring a flower. Brilliant!
AnnC wrote: Beautiful -- on so many levels! Thank you for teaching your students compassion, kindness and the joy of service!
mrsamfelton wrote: how wonderful!!
mindyjourney wrote: That's how we create a kinder and happier world, my friend...flower by flower :)). thank you!
leoladyc728 wrote: what lovely kindness these children giving the flowers to the office staff. What is more important is that it made them happy. What a lesson.
splain wrote: We learn that giving is the best way to do . It makes others happy as well as ourselves. Good teaching
Mish wrote: You so inspire!!
kjoyw wrote: This is just full of wonderful!

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