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Students Teach Teachers

--by andrewart, posted
A colleague held a class where ten-year olds taught Minecraft to college students aspiring to become elementary teachers. What a wonderful event! The younger children really shined when paid attention to as teachers, and the teachers-in-training learned new things and connected with their future students. Taking young persons seriously, giving others our full attention and respect, and listening deeply are rich gifts!
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mish wrote: Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride. To make it easier. W . H .
mindyjourney wrote: Rich gifts indeed :))). Well done to colleague and all involved!
leoladyc728 wrote: I bet it was really wonderful. These younger children know Minecraft backwards and forward. Awesome lesson.
splain wrote: This was really a good way to go. Very great lesson
Mish wrote: I love this idea.
kjoyw wrote: Always felt I learned so much from my students!

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