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April RAOK showers bring May flowers

--by lewski711, posted May 12, 2016
My daughter and I love doing this RAOK every April. It's a great opportunity for her to see kindness in action as well as the skepticism in our society.

This year was similar to the others. Some people politely declined our drinks, but you could tell that many others were skeptical of "kindness with no strings attached."  I believe it's because it's so unusual in our society.

"There's got to be a catch. They must be trying to sell me something or hand out religious materials."

Some ignored us completely.

But then, there are those experiences like the dad and his 5th-grade daughter today who stopped and got cold water.  They wanted to know what we were doing, why, and what prompted it.They stayed and wanted to hear our story.

Then there was the tourist from Italy on his motorcycle who couldn't believe that we wouldn't take money in exchange for the drink.

There was the cyclist who was so parched and was so thankful we had cold water for him.

My daughter learns so much about the need to make kindness more mainstream when we do this activity every year. It's frustrating that so many are wary, but it lets us know that we're doing the right thing so that kindness becomes commonplace!

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bhawtankar wrote: That's really nice of you doing the random act of kindness with your daughter and making our next generation better!
I'm sure with time, kindness will be more prevalent in the whole world.
Your experience reminded me of the funny story where my friend went to help an old woman with a cart in a very snowy/stormy weather and by coincidence one more person also went towards that woman to help her out and the old woman started shouting thieves-thieves :)
horsegirl21 wrote: Thank you for showing random acts of kindness to the next generation :)) you are a great dad!
Dobby wrote: Nice story and you're so right: people are looking for your "angle" cuz too many aren't used to people just being nice. Most people try to avoid eye contact with strangers all day! I'd wager that you made an impact even on those who wouldn't accept.
mindyjourney wrote: Great way to boost the kindness thirst quench :)). Seems kindness and trust in on the rise!
GinnyH wrote: What a wonderful lesson for your girl!
leoladyc728 wrote: you made the day of many, and maybe the people who weren't open to your giving will think about it. you are a great example for your daughter.
splain wrote: I am so happy when I read about this sort of kindness. It is sad that some people think there is an "angle". I believe a lot people would appreciate these drinks. I would
melnotes wrote: What a great role model you are for your daughter :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: It is unfortunate that society has such a hard time receiving with no hidden agenda. It is good to show our children that it matters so good for you for doing that!
kjoyw wrote: Setting great example for giving!

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