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Your Family is My Family

--by debmeron, posted May 16, 2016
The temple where I work at is involved in assisting a Syrian refugee family.  We have kind of adopted them.

Last Saturday I went with some others to their home and spent four hours visiting and connecting. I convinced my husband who is in the wholesale furniture business to get a couple of dealers of his to make a donation for the family. He was able to get  two things they really needed, one from each of two dealers--a bunk bed and mattresses.

We brought it over and put the bed together (which was a lot of work) and I felt so so so good that I'm still kind of high.  What Mitzvah! (Means commandment in the Jewish tradition but is often used to mean good deed). They were so appreciative and it was a joy for us! I surely received as much if not more than we gave. I look forward to connecting with them and helping where I can in the future. 
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Debussy wrote: What a blessing your temple is! My church is part of an interfaith coalition helping to resettle syrian refugees. Faith communities are so important to this effort of "welcoming the stranger". Peace to you.
gardengal10 wrote: I keep saying that we've all come from somewhere else. Helping hands and open hearts. Beautiful.
Mish wrote: Awesome!!
mindyjourney wrote: Fantastic, our KS dove of mercy and peace :))))
1sher wrote: Right on bunk beds!! Even I am excited for that!!
alisamom wrote: What a fantastic way to help a refugee family!
scushman wrote: Awesome! Namaste
leoladyc728 wrote: a real Mitzvah indeed.
splain wrote: So wonderful and accepting of new people into your area. Thank you for having open hearts

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