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What you wouldn't do for a friend

--by Seesee, posted May 21, 2016
One day I needed a Landscaper. I hired a great guy and after a few projects we became friendly . He would got to practice his English and I got to brush up my Spanish. 

One day my Landscaper friend was upset that he " lost " a job because he didn't have an Invoice or a receipt with his business letterhead on it. It took hours to explain what it was and how to make them. 

So I decided to take a couple of days to make them for him. I took my laptop and some really great yard and plant photos and made him a bunch of Invoice's in English and in Spanish, a master CD & Flash Drive with about 40 photocopies so he will never miss out on another job AGAIN. And Best of all, it was so much FUN. :) 
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kiwicat wrote: Oh my word, how sweet and kind are you? What a difference you will make to him and his future business.
Kathy Beem wrote: What a wonderful example of finding the perfect point where your skill (and caring) meet his exact need. . Magic!
Karma1213 wrote: Beautiful!
splain wrote: Now that was so good of you. Setting all this up for him will make sure he will never miss out on a job again.. Good one
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for encouraging friend with your creative talents! Great for him to have this portfolio of photos and info to share with potential clients :).
sandyremillar wrote: beautiful kindnesss......
kjoyw wrote: This is one of the most wonderful and unique acts of kindness that I have ever rad about here! Well done, you!

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